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Rapid Building Solar System

The Hanergy rapid building solar system is an emergency power supply solution to the electricity needs in disaster rescue and off-grid areas. The system adopts a cutting-edge solar technology—CIGS flexible thin-film solar modules produced by Global Solar Energy (100W, 2.6kg per piece)—to ensure quick and highly efficient power generation in the daytime. 

It integrates all devices into a container according to their power level for convenient and fast shipping and deployment. It Consists of flexible thin-film solar modules, MPPT charge controller, bi-directional inverter, AC/DC power distribution cabinet, PV combiner box, and battery energy storage system, the system can be used in disaster rescueand in remote, power-shortage, and off-grid areas such as pastoral inland, offshore islands, and border posts.

Ranging from five to 100 kW, Hanergy's rapid deployment solar system can meet power demand in a variety of scenarios thanks to its following features (20 kW as the example): lightweight—the system weighs no more than ten tons and fits for air, sea, and land shipments. compact size—all devices are fixed into a 20-feet standard container; easy installation and deployment—it takes only three hours byfive non-technical staff to finish installation of a system;

high-efficiency power generation—theoretical maximum: 70 kWh per sunny day, 12 kWh per cloudy day; overload operation—continuous run at 21 kVA load levels, continuous run of 30 minutes at 24 kVA load levels, duration of five seconds at triple rated power; Customized services available at Hanergy: installation method for solar modules, system size, container size, coating, and add auxiliary functions such as Wi-Fi and wireless communications.