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Hanergy's mission is to change the world with thin-film solar energy

Our core values

Dedication to corporate mission


Customer First

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Our prospect

By the end of 2020, it will become influential and one of the most outstanding companies in China, such as Huawei and Tencent.

By the end of 2023, it will become one of the world's greatest companies that are as influential as Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

Hanergy 518 Culture Manual

It is our mission and faith to change the world with thin-film solar.

◆It is our mission and faith to change the world with thin-film solar. We believe that, with our efforts, the way people use energy will be changed. Human can utilize solar energy in the way that chlorophyll does, which is the ultimate way of utilizing solar energy.
◆Our core team must be driven by the spirit of fighting for mission and ideal. We might have stopped, living on the stable cash flow generated by Jinanqiao hydro power station. But we embarked on the big adventure of solar business. Why? It is exactly for our ideal, for our mission!
◆Leading people to fight for dream shall be the ultimate pursuit of management.

Integrity, generosity, wisdom and inclusiveness comprise our character.

◆We share a pure one goal, that is to do business well in our concerted efforts. The whole company is united together to fight for such a clear goal. Thus no malpractices but down-to-earth manner is seen in our company.
◆Hanergy people are as inclusive as the ocean for they can admit hundreds of rivers. we are not afraid of problems, rather, we take problems head on and solve them. We appreciate the people who criticize us, because it is them who make us grow.
◆Wisdom could be apprehended as diligent in thinking, good at thinking and good at summarizing, and it can also be understood as a kind of practice. What the Chinese entrepreneurs lack are not courage, vision or innovation spirit, but the reverse practice of knowing when to stop in an appropriate manner so as to win.

Foresight and pragmatism are our qualities.

◆Strategic capability is regarded as the highest wisdom. In modern society, strategic advantage is of overriding importance, and strategic ability overtakes all other capabilities. Strategic thinking and a persistent and steadfast perception for the future are required as a leader.
◆It is the easiest yet the hardest to pursue “One” thing. Only when we do “one” thing well, can we accomplish other causes. Hanergy has always been focused on accomplishing “one” thing in a perfect manner since “one” is considered as the ultimate form of complexity.
◆We tend to overestimate the changes in 1 to 2 years, while underestimate the changes in 5 to 10 years. The changes in 1 to 2 years add, while the changes in 5 to 10 years multiply. In the process, we have learnt how to wait and be patient instead of feeling restless and uneasy. It’s a process of cultivating one’s personality and accumulating essence.

Loyalty, responsibility and ambition are our basic requirements.

◆Loyalty of the employees means a lot to the enterprise. If the employees are loyal to Hanergy, then Hanergy will definitely take good care of them in return.
◆Two basic requirements must be met for the staff of Hanergy. One is “company first, individual second”, which means to put the interests of the company before one’s own. And the other is “character first, capacity second”, which means to be a good person first, then do things well.
◆A great organization is the one who brings forth new ideas every day, figure out the real problem and then fix it. One will never grow up if he fails to recognize his problem, only thinking he is perfect. While those who pursue unremitting self-improvement by finding faults would stand out.

The secret of long term success is to focus on our customers, and always provide them with...

◆Hanergy preaches the principle of doing nothing but the best. We try our best to do everything well in a down-to-earth manner since it’s where our great ideal lies in and it tolerates no vanity.
◆A great company must be based on great products. We have positioned the strategy of “pursing excellence” in products.
◆A great enterprise is the one who create a new industry or a new market. Such market is to be created instead of to be met. We are confident to say Hanergy has this potential and we can do it.

The secret of company development is to grow with employees as they grow.

◆We should see a bigger picture, reach for a higher goal and pursue a bigger dream. Great career can motivate more people and great company can attract more talents.
◆Heroes are never asked where they came from. Hanery has always been ready to provide a bigger platform for those who can achieve something. And Hanergy will offer an uncapped return to them more than they expected. As long as you contribute, you will be rewarded beyond your imagination.
◆Employees shall learn from each other since each has different yet advantageous characters. We retain talents first through our cause, second through recognition, then through policy. A great company in the end would attract people with its cause and dream.

Success is determined by these three factors: people, people and people.

◆Hanergy needs top quality, superior talents to pursue its cause. Success is determined by people. Hanergy intends to be a company gathering genius and talents and let them show their talent here.
◆Excellent enterprise is first determined by the charisma of all the leaders, and second by the team spirit. Hanergy owns a dream team with a unique strategy to find, cultivate and utilize talents.
◆Hanergy needs to gather the top talents from the world to become a great company. We can never pay too much attention to talents. Hanergy intends to increase its core competitiveness by attracting more top talents from the world.

The secret of an evergreen enterprise is everlasting improvement and innovation.

◆An enterprise relies on nothing else but constant revolution and innovation to develop itself. At Hanergy, the only thing that has never changed is change itself.
◆We still face many problems and challenges to realize the goal of revolution. We either become a “wolf”, or get eaten by a “wolf”. Doing business is always about competition. Endless efforts are needed to overcome all the problems and to respond to all the challenges.
◆We would continuously implement the strategy of global technology integration, independent innovation and cross-border integration in order to maintain the leading edge in technology. Technology is what Hanergy lives on. We must lead the technology, which is our core competitiveness.

The absence of ethics negates everything.

◆All the years of Hanergy’s development has taught us that we could narrow the gap in abilities through learning, we could go slower if we were not smart enough, but the absence of ethics is intolerable.
◆Keep silent, or tell the truth.
◆We should keep clear in mind of the bottom line, which is the 50 bans of Hanergy. Moral character is regarded as the most valuable quality throughout one’s life. We should always bear in mind what is allowed and what is forbidden to do. One must not risk everything for the sake of self-interest and money.

Integrity is of the essence.

◆All the success in business relies on nothing else but “integrity”. First, you need to be trustworthy; second, you should be confident in yourself; third, you should have credibility. The ultimate pursuit for an enterprise is to embed “integrity” into its brand.
◆How to cultivate integrity? First, be simple; second, be true; third, be sympathetic and stand in others’ shoes; fourth, develop good concept, good character and right world outlook.
◆Do not make promise easily. Once you made a promise, you should try your best to fulfill it. As a person, one also should strive to achieve “self-supervision”, which means to be strict with oneself, aim for a higher end, mind his words and behavior and keep cultivating his moral standards.

Diligence and passion determine half of success.

◆An enterprise needs innovation in order to maintain growth. What is the driving force of innovation? It is Passion! With passion, people can face up to life. With passion, people will not be discouraged by any difficulty yet have the courage to confront it and overcome it. Passion is the source of innovation, and passion makes impossible possible. This is where our corporate culture lies in.
◆Hanergy must act fast and keep alert! Any idea must be tested in no time and any problem must be fixed in no time.
◆Though it is hard to change a habit, we still need to get rid of bad habits and develop good habits. Behavior determines habit, habit determines character, and character determines destiny. Therefore, everyone should act actively in order to develop good habits with positive actions, cultivate good character with good habits, and reap good luck with good character.

Results talk; dignity comes from achievements.

◆One principle that guides Hanergy is that result and performance speak more than anything else. Only performance talks despite your contributions and hard work, even working overtime every day. Your dignity is earned with performance. The hero is only judged by his success.
◆Result must be generated from every piece of work. What we are afraid of is no result at all rather than bad results. We must take quick action with the sense of result-orientation since action without result is the biggest killer to an enterprise and its employees.
◆Hanergy tolerates failure since failure brings us opportunity to grow. No man or organization can make progress without learning from failure. What we are afraid of is no result at all rather than bad results.

Execution without excuses.

◆Take faster action in execution. Great strategy always comes out of execution, tactics are always adjusted in execution. Speed is also an important kind of competitiveness. Action speaks louder than anything and it will mean nothing if you take no action while keep thinking and hesitating.
◆It is the easiest thing in the world to find an excuse. However, how can we find an excuse in face of the market? Thus, the culture of execution shall be advocated throughout our group.
◆Our staff should have the awareness to say no to excuses, the attitude to overcome difficulties, the dedicated code of conduct, the ability to cope with stress and challenges, and the perseverance to achieve the set goal. They should fully understand the fact that excuses would not be tolerated in work, in the face of failure, nor in one’s life.

Learn every day

◆Learn all the time is to keep up with the change.
◆He who knows nothing but pretends to know will never understand.
◆Learn faster than others. Reading can bring you inspiration and stimulate your thinking, and this is why I encourage everyone of you to read. Reading can make it makes the poor rich, the rich noble, and the noble everlasting. Meanwhile, we need sublimate ourselves through work. Those who work for sublimation instead of working for work are the wise ones. Work is a kind of practice, a kind of sublimation, especially when working at Hanergy.

Introspect every day

◆Correct mistakes faster than others. Correct any mistake once it is made in disregard of face saving,then introspect. Quick actions are needed for problems which need to be solved in no time while daily and steady steps are needed for problems which are not so urgent in order to get them fixed within a set period of time. A great organization is one which can introspect all the time.
◆Confucius once said “I introspect myself three times a day.” we should introspect our work, our management and our thought to find our problems and sublimate our personality. On the topic of introspection, it is great wisdom to be aware, it is great courage to dare to do so and it is the highest state to change the faults.
◆Your introspection determines your career. We should make constant practice and progress in overcoming difficulties. How many difficulties you overcame would determine how much progress you would achieve.

Be grateful every day.

◆Being grateful is one of Hanergy’s corporate culture. Do not complain, and do not look down upon others. One should stay grateful for the society, the country, the platform Hanergy provides and one’s supervisors, colleagues and subordinates.
◆Being grateful means to find causes in yourself instead of complaining about others if any difficulty occurs and find a way to solve the problem. There are always more methods than difficulties as long as we keep thinking.
◆One should always have a grateful heart, feeling grateful to the country, the society and every one in his life. Be grateful to those who like you because it is them who give you warmth and courage and be also grateful to those who dislike you because it is them who teach you tolerance and respect, and make you introspect and grow.

At Hanergy, nothing is impossible.

◆Once determined to do one thing, you have achieved half of success.
◆It is important to have positive attitude and bold thinking. How could you expect to achieve one thing if you dare not think about it or take bold action? “At Hanergy, nothing is impossible” actually demonstrates a kind of attitude and a way of thinking. While in the end, we must be subject to the truth, the fact and the reality to judge whether one thing is viable to do.
◆We do not mean to turn all the impossibilities into possibility. But if we make one thing possible out of ten impossibles, it means we are creating and innovating and it is exactly what differs us from others.

Hanergy, be great for the world.

◆One should be patriotic, love his/her own country. Entrepreneurs may differ from each other in social and cultural backgrounds and personality but they all share one thing in common, which is the love for their country. One who has no love even for his country will be deprived of the foundation for success and the spiritual sustenance.
◆China’s reform and opening up has created plenty of opportunities for domestic private companies. The more the country marched ahead, the better the private enterprises would become. We have the faith and belief that private enterprises would enjoy better and better market environment in the future.
◆We should stake our destiny in that of our nation. Once our nation prospered, we would be destined to prosper. To conclude: we share the common destiny with our nation.