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Fully Solar-powered Cars

The AnyLightTM technology of Alta Devices, an overseas subsidiary of Hanergy Mobile Energy Holding Group Co., Ltd, is able to get the utmost of solar power to charge the car battery, thus increasing the driving distance, and creating an all-weather and comfortable environment for your car. 

Solar photovoltaic technology has made significant breakthroughs in the last decade. Its efficiency has been substantially improved.

However, this technology cannot always meet the requirements for motor vehicles. Ideally, solar energy, besides acting as a power source, bears the important task of increasing the driving distance.        

Traditional technologies such as crystal silicon,which are cheap but inherently cumbersome and fragile, are not easily integrated and therefore cannot become the best choice for our purposes. Other more recent thin-film solar technologies, such as CIGS, are limited by the fact that their conversion efficiency is too low, and ultra-efficient solar films used in space satellites are too expensive to have broader development prospects. By contrast, the Alta Devices GaAs thin-film solar technology being lightweight, highly efficient, and affordable meets all customer’s needs. 

In 2016, Hanergy released four models of fully solar-powered concept cars, all of them entirely powered by lithium batteries. The solar cells that are integrated with the car's surface act as a source of power, providing sustainable electrical power for these vehicles. Although these four models are not yet in quantity production, facts and figures have proved that their driving distance increase two percent when equipped with thin-film solar cells.  It is expected that fully solar-powered cars with no need to be plugged in will enter our lives within the next few years.

Making the most of solar power technology, these fully solar-powered cars are meant to rebuild a harmonious relationship between mankind, vehicles and nature.