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Support policy for franchisees
  • Marketing costs
  • Marketing event planning and execution
  • Market strategy, technical expertise, installation and maintenance, team managem
  • Preferential policy for opening a franchised outlet
  • Media advertisement
Franchisee qualifications
  • Registered capital minimum: RMB 300,000
  • Sales, installation, and service personnel and office facility
  • An independent place for business operation with functions of storing, displaying and selling
  • A sales network and well-established sales channels, and competence in marketing management and market development.
  • Law-abiding and legal invoice issuance for final users
  • Recognize Hanergy's business philosophy and work toward a mutual-trust and win-win cooperation
  • Exclusion of Hanergy competitors' brands and products
  • Have independent legal person status and shall bear civil liability independently.
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