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Hanergy tops list of top Chinese listed companies active in solar


The thin-film manufacturer, developer and maker of the Humbrella, HanTile and HanWall made 78th position in a ranking of China’s Top 500 companies, an improvement on last year’s 91st place, to lead the six solar-linked businesses on the list.

Efficiency record isn’t the biggest change for Alta Devices’ GaAS solar technology


Alta Devices’ gallium arsenide solar research cells have been certified with a 29.1% efficiency, setting a new single junction solar cell efficiency record. The most significant change

Hanergy Exhibits Latest Solar Power Innovations At Japan's Ecopro Exhibition 2018


The world's largest thin-film power solution company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (0566.HK), exhibited its latest solar power rooftop solution for Japanese market at EcoPro 2018 environmental exhibition which lasted from December 6-8th.

Hanergy Clinches USD 18 Million Agreement with ETS to Supply HanWall in Australia


Hanergy Showcases the First Batch of Solar-powered Smart Bus Station in China


Brazil's fire-ravaged National Museum receives reconstruction offers from China


The National Museum of Rio de Janeiro, devastated by fire in September, said on Thursday it received cooperation offers from China to restore the building and its collection.

Hanergy Thin Film Power : Participates in First China International Import Expo 2018


The world's largest thin-film power solution company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (00566.HK), recently participated in the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) 2018 as the only invited renewable energy company.​

Hanergy’s Alta Devices Leads the Industry, Setting New Efficiency Record For Its Solar Cell


Hanergy’s GaAs Single-Junction Solar Technology Attains Efficiency Conversion Rate of 29.1%.Breaks Seventh Conversion Efficiency Record

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