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Simple fashion appearance and high-end technology makes indoor/outdoor life easier  by giving you worry-free power supply! 

Stay Connected with Power-generating Backpack

Born in the age of mobile Internet, HanPack Business Collection Fold Backpack is much more than a bag, but an energy collector that instantly responds to your urgent need of recharging electronic devices with the edge-cutting solar power technology. Convenient for business travel, easy to switch, the backpack is deigned to lead a technological, fashionable, creative mobile lifestyle.

Stay Linked with Solar Power

CIGS flexible thin-film solar chip, endorsed by authentic “black technology”;
The solar power backpack secures your business travel and effective communication with customers.

Light and Simple for Frequent Business Travelers

Relax your shoulders with a lighter backpack despite the heavy workload.
Simple design with a straight and smooth style for the most typical business elites.

Internally and Externally Moderated for Rational Storage Partition

25L large capacity with rational inclination inside for horizontal/vertical lifting, perfectly posed for trolley cases;
Ergonomic design to lessen your back pressure;
Foldable cover for recharging module with intelligently switched dual USB interfaces for less plug-in/out;
Durable usage with its water-proof, dust-proof and oil stain-proof fabrics.

Product Design Reference

Product model


Chip type


Chip power


Peak output


Output interface

2 USB interfaces




25L (for 17-inch laptop)

Self weight



Gray, Red