Products & Projects


Fully Solar-powered Cars

By means of solar power generation, full solar-powered cars have rebuilt the harmonious relationship between people, cars and the environment.

Solar Roof on Cars

With the requirement of urban environmental protection enhancing increasingly, the additional installation of solar power for oil and electric drive will become the future trend of automobile enterprises.

Solar Roof of Low Speed Vehicl

The Hanergy Mobile Energy’s thin-film component is pasted on the PVC/PTFE membrane surface to solve the electricity problem problem of high-power electrical appliances.

Solar on Shared Bicycles

The Model of "Mobile Energy + Internet" Innovation Cooperation

Solar UAV

Solar-powered aircraft mainly includes UAV, spacecraft and hot-air balloons and airships, etc., of which UAV is the most typical application.

Solar Boats

Hanergy's CIGS thin-film modules are lightweight and flexible and readily fit the curves of a cruise.