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Hanergy Participates in House Vision 2018 Beijing Exhibition



Release Time:2018-10-26

The world’s largest thin-film power solution company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (00566.hk) recently on October 16th participated in House Vision 2018 Beijing Exhibition held in the south square of the National Stadium of China.



China House Vision 2018 is the third iteration of 'House Vision', a multidisciplinary innovation platform and experimental project founded and curated by Kenya Hara, a renowned Japanese graphic designer and curator.


As part of this year’s exhibition, Hanergy in association with Kenya Hara organized a salon focusing on the theme of solar-powered buildings and green gardens. Zhang Bin, senior vice president of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, and Liu Qian, chief landscape designer for Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and chief designer of Hanergy Solar Design Institute, attended the salon and participated in the dialogues. The duo discussed the application of renewable energy, especially solar energy, in China’s future residential buildings, with other attendees including architects and media practitioners from around the globe.


Kenya Hara, China House Vision project founded,
Japanese graphic designer and curator


The key word to the salon was “Home”. ‘Home’ stands in the crossroad of all industries, from where we can retrieve the past and foresee the future, as expressed by Kenya Hara years ago. From old ages to modern society, home has always been a comforting space which people can share with family and the nature. However, with urbanization, people in China, a densely populated country, have compromised on their living conditions: less space, little communication with neighbors, isolated from the nature, leading to the introspection of the concept of modernization. Addressing this issue with their own understanding in the House Vision 2018 Beijing Exhibition Hanergy and MAD Architects jointly constructed the “Living Garden”.


Zhang Bin, Senior Vice President of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group


Seen from afar, the whole building has the shape of a water drop, erected by baboon and steel. Without walls, a floating, sloping roof structure barely separates the interior world from the outside. The “Living Garden” sets very vague boundaries between buildings and landscape, embracing the nature and inviting sun and air to be part of the residents’ both physical and spiritual life. Hanergy thin-film solar panels are vital components of the building, as well as the source of the energy which is converted from sunlight to support the daily electricity use.


Kenya Hara pointed out in his speech, “Technology is by no means, the opposite of nature. Ideally, with more technological advancements, the closer we should be to the nature. The line drawn between the artificial and the organic will fade eventually and there will exist the fusion which we see in Hanergy’s ‘Living Garden’. Hanergy’s thin-film solar-power technology provides the required energy which is harmonized with the building itself. Thus, the building becomes a space to showcase technology where the residents can embrace the nature.”


Liu Qian, Chief Designer of Hanergy Solar Design Institute


Hanergy incorporated its world’s leading thin-film solar panels in the “Living Garden”, which are light, thin and flexible and have better conversion efficiency and adaptability. The chip is only several micrometers thick, less than one-tenth of the diameter of a human hair, and can convert the sunlight to electricity within several hundredths of a second.


Zhang Bin, Senior Vice President of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group said, “Metaphorically, if a building was a human body, then steel concrete would be the bones, electricity be the blood, and thin-film solar-power technology be the blood vessels, making the sun its heart. The building is given a vigorous life and it’s the green building that Hanergy envisions to put into practice. I agree with Mr. Kenya Hara when he said the renewable energy is the future, and that’s also Hanergy’s direction of development”


Liu Qian, Chief Designer of Hanergy Solar Design Institute avers, “Technology is the foundation of the green building, the challenge is how to go beyond technology and reach to the spiritual level. A real green building should not only be environment friendly, but also aesthetic. To achieve what we’ve envisioned, the House Vision Exhibition too is emphasizing the fusion of art, architects and home.”



Hanergy tends to be creative and diverse in terms of product designing. The company incorporates cutting-edge thin-film solar-power technology into traditional construction materials, providing buildings with energy and, in the meantime, brings aesthetics into living. Among varied “green construction materials” developed by Hanergy, the most revolutionary are HanTile and HanWall.