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Alta Devices (U.S.A)

Official Web Address:http://www.altadevices.com/

Alta Devices was founded in 2008 on California's Silicon Valley. The enterprise is mainly devoted to the R&D and manufacturing of highly-efficient GaAs thin-film solar technology. Its founders are among the world's three to five most authoritative characters in the semi-conductor technology fields. They are Professor Harry Atwater at the California Institute of Technology and Professor Eli Yablonovltch at the University of California, Berkeley.

Alta devices envisions "Powering the unplugged world" as its main endeavor. Their single-junction solar cells and modules hold the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency in the world. They are the thinnest, most flexible product with the best power generation performance. The GaAs highly-efficient thin-film solar cells from Alta Devices can be perfectly integrated into the end user system. This is an ideal PV product for unmanned systems, consumer electronics, automobiles, wearable devices and other equipment with specific requirements for size, weight and mobility.