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Global Solar Energy ® (U.S.A)

Official Web Address:http://www.globalsolar.com/

Global Solar Energy, an enterprise founded on 1996, has now become the world's leading provider of thin-film (made of copper indium gallium and selenium, CIGS) solar power technology solutions. Global Solar Energy's light, flexible solar modules are globally used in commercial, residential, governmental and mobile applications. Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is the most innovative of Global Solar Energy's achievements. By integrating solar technology onto buildings, Global Solar Energy is certainly redefining the meaning of solar power. They have industry-leading, efficient thin-film solar materials, and cooperate with leading enterprises in the construction industry to produce innovative, efficient and practical products. Energy and construction now march ahead hand by hand.

The company has a 40-megawatt plant in Tucson, Arizona in which, at present, a new, light-weight, portable series of mobile energy products is being developed with the aim of allowing users to enjoy clean energy wherever they go. R&D on advanced production technology for CIGS is another key business of the company. There is an innovative production method which reduces production costs by streamlining the process, while increasing the production capacity and enhancing the practicability of materials. Upon this method, copper, indium, gallium and selenium are precipitated onto the bottom of a flexible and stainless steel substrate by means of a roll-to-roll procedure. In addition, Global Solar Energy ® also conducts reliability tests for products and performance and reliability research for products and systems. The technical team of Global Solar Energy includes renowned leading scientists, equipment and process R&D engineers, productions engineers and technicians.