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MiaSolé Hi-Tech (USA)

Official Web Address:http://www.miasole.com/

MiaSolé Hi-Tech launched its CIGS technology R&D and equipment development program in 2003. The company's R&D team believes CIGS technology is very promising, and is thus devoted to developing equipment and technology which can be produced at a low cost. Based upon the reliable and repeated operation of equipment, its conversion efficiency can be compared with that of silicon.

The MiaSolé Hi-Tech R&D team is devoted to developing equipment, deposition technology and thin-film power-generating products. The group has developed a large number of technical experts. It has a leading role in the fields of sputtering equipment, roll-to-roll process, sputtering deposition techniques, materials, and equipment characterization and reliability. MiaSole's researchers include engineers and scientists with years of experience, as well as university graduates with new skills and ideas. Most members of its R&D team hold a bachelor's degree or above.

MiaSolé Hi-Tech also collaborates with academic institutions and research laboratories to further promote the development of CIGS technology.