Hanergy Technology

R & D Center

Chengdu R&D Center

Founded in 2011, the Chengdu Research and Development Center is the world's largest research and development center for thin-film technology research. 

During its early stages, it mainly focused on the fabrication techniques of amorphous silicon/silicon-germanium multi-junction photovoltaic components. Upon this basis, the center leased one of Hanergy Sichuan Photovoltaic Co., Ltd.’s fully-equipped production lines. Therefore, the production process, especially the manufacturing and development of PECVD, can be completed directly under the production environment, and can also be seamlessly connected with all of Hanergy's production bases. Since the beginning of 2012, a large number of R&D efforts have been launched in the development of nanocrystalline silicon, which will further enhance the production capacity of silicon-based thin-film photov-

taic modules. One of the key components of research and development is to test, adjust and verify the core devices used in large-scale production of low-cost components, especially regarding the autonomously designed PECVD devices. Another key part of R&D is to conduct research based upon the now existent silicon-based thin-film devices and their processes.

A fully equipped photovoltaic components reliable laboratory is now assessing and validating the life and durability of a product working at full capacity. Both R&C centers have a wide range of laboratory equipment as well as many tools to study the characterization of material devices.

With around 120 engineers and 60 technicians, about 100 patents and numerous papers have been submitted and published respectively.