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Solibro Hi-Tech (Germany)

Solibro Hi-Tech was established in 2012. Currently, it is devoted to the development of Solibro's CIGS thin film power generation technology and equipment engineering. Solibro Hi-Tech is currently carrying out process development and new equipment testing on the German Bitterfeld-Wolfen production line. After carrying out an inspection of the actual production status, new technologies can be introduced at will upon any produced equipment. In addition, Solibro Hi-Tech has established a production management department to manage the certification of new technologies, thus ensuring that newly developed products are recognized by the market. At the same time, the production management department is also responsible for the certification of system components and for system design. In the future, Solibro Hi-Tech could become a paradigmatic example of a technology supplier for production lines in China. There are 73 employees working in this institution.