Hanergy Technology

R & D Center

Solibro Research AB (Sweden)

Solibro Research AB was founded in 2007 with the aim of developing and improving Solibro's CIGS co-evaporation technology.

The R&D team was formed as early as 2003. It currently has 30 employees, 10 of whom have Doctorate degrees. This institution has obtained the world's leading laboratories' conversion efficiency for cells and miniature components: the German Fraunhofer - ISE (Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems) certified a 21.0% conversion efficiency rate for the 1 cm2 cell; and a 18.7% conversion efficiency rate for the 16 cm2 cell, which is composed of four single battery miniature modules. The independently developed small-sized equipment, which is the R&D team’s latest technological achievement, can also be applied through cooperation with Uppsela University's thin-film solar technology group .

Solibro Research AB has a complete pilot line which is used to make full-size prototype components. In addition to CIGS development, Solibro Research AB is also developing system components and reliability testing.