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MLH2 Murphy Phase II

Project Name: Murphy Phase II

Location: Gainesville, FL

Scale: 1MW

Completion time: October 2012

Annual power generation: 351.92MWh

Selling time: April 2015

The Murray Phase II ("MLH2") project, located in Alachua County, Florida,is the first large-scale ground power station project developed and constructed by Hanergy in the United States.

TheMLH2 is 1 MW in scale, and the project power generation is sold to the Gainesville Regional Utilities Company (“GRU”) in the form of Feed-in-Tariff (“FiT”)for a period of 20 years,with long-term stability of revenue.

As the first large ground power station project of Hanergy in the United States, the MLH2 has laid a solid foundation for the development of Hanergy's US business; it also has established an effective partnership with key links, such as US local project development, construction, financing, taxation investment, and supervision. At the same time, it has successfully lockedthe development and construction rights of subsequent projects.

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