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Hanergy WuzhongTaiyangshanThin-film Power Station

The Hanergy WuzhongTaiyangshanThin-filmPower StationThin-film is located in the New Energy Industrial Park in the Taiyangshan Development Zone, Wuzhong City, Ningxia, about 85km east of Yanchi County, about 68km northwest of Wuzhong City, and about 70km southwest of Tongxin County. The installed capacity of the first phase of the currently completed project is 20MWp, covering an area of 1,541 mu. It was officially connected to the grid for power generation on December 20, 2012. The annual power generation after the projectput into production was approximately 32,002,900 kWh, equivalent to a saving of 3,461 tons of standard coal per year, and reducing 25,238 tons of CO2 emissions. The solar cell module used in the power station is a thin-film solar cell product with independent intellectual property rights of Hanergy. It has low energy consumption, no pollution, good low-light power generation, and has advantages in cost, and conforms to the development trend of large-scale ground-based thin-film power stations. 

The Taiyangshan area of Wuzhong City is flat and open, with convenient traffic conditions, excellent air cleanliness, and good sunshine radiation intensity. The annual sunshine hours can reach about 3,000 hours, and the annual average daily radiation dose is 4.56 kWh/m2/day, equivalent to6998.40 MJ/m2. It belongs to the second-class light radiation area in the country and is suitable for the development of solar energy from the natural environment; at the same time, the Taiyangshan Development Zone is an immigrant development zone mainly consisting of wind power, thin-film power generation and new energy, with less farmland, low land cost and developed output lines to provide convenient conditions for the development of new energy.

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