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Guangqi Honda 17MW Distributed-photovoltaic-power Generation Project

Hanergy believes that "the secret of business survival lies in always leading technology." Innovation is the driving force of the company. Hanergy attaches great importance to R&D and investment. There are eight research and development bases in Beijing, Sichuan, Jiangsu, the United States, Silicon Valley, Germany, and Sweden. We have applied for more than 1,319 patents in the field of thin-film power generation such as nano-silicon cells, copper indium gallium selenide cells, gallium arsenide cells, high-end equipment, energy storage technologies, thin-film power generation applications, etc., of which invention patents account for 60% of the total (including the core patents from the overseas company's M&A), edited or participated in the drafting and preparation of more than ten national and industry standards for thin-film power generation; and possessed the title of "National NewHigh-tech Enterprise" and "Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation".

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